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Tue 04 Aug 2020
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Classic Album Of The Week



A special treat for music lovers on Goldfields FM - Every Saturday at 4pm, you get the chance to hear a classic rock/pop recording from start to finish with no interruptions. Each week a different album and each week a different presenter.


Once in a while an album comes along that is truly special and should be heard in it’s entirety. Goldfields recently launched a brand new program that lets it’s listeners do exactly that, with Goldfields FM’s Classic Album of the Week. Every Saturday at 4pm, one of the best albums of all-time will be played in it’s entirety and break free. 

The Classic Album of the Week will feature albums from different eras and from many genres. So from The Beatles to Bon Jovi, from The Rolling Stones to Taylor Swift, you will be able to re-live the biggest and best albums.

It all started In February when Dave Moyle introduced the highest selling Australian album in this country of all-time, John Farnham’s “Whispering Jack”. So far Goldfields FM personalities have presented classic albums with their differing musical tastes. With the promise of albums to suite every musical lovers taste.

There will also be an emphasis on Australian albums with the team planning to deliver one classic Aussie album each month.

What classic albums would you like to be hear on this program? Let us know by leaving a message on our Facebook page at and who knows, in the coming months you could be hearing your  favourite classic album on Goldfields FM.

Story Written By Dave Moyle


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